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Visceral Manipulation: Happy Organs, Happy Body


  • Visceral manipulation is a therapeutic technique focusing on the organs (viscera), aiming to release tension and facilitate the body’s self-healing abilities.
  • VM integrates the connection between emotional & physical health, acknowledging that organs not only perform physical functions but also hold emotional imprints.
  • Physiological issues affecting organ mobility & function can lead to pain referrals in other body parts, mimicking muscle aches
  • Visceral manipulation aims to restore proper organ mobility and function, providing long-lasting relief and restoring balance between physical, emotional, and mental health.

In the fascinating realm of wellness 💆‍♀️, one profound but often overlooked practice is visceral manipulation (visceral refers to organs).  You may be familiar with releasing muscles, but did you know you can do the same thing with your organs?  

Visceral manipulation provides a gentle conversation between your body’s organs & the practitioner’s hands. The practitioner uses various methods to test organ movement patterns & ability to move (yes, all of our organs move around all day; we just don’t feel it). These assessments help the practitioner realize what organs are dysfunctional, after which treatment to restore mobility & motility can commence! 

However, visceral manipulation not only helps restore physical organ function.  It can also merge the link between emotional ❤️ & physical 💪 expressions in the body.  This is based on the premise that our organs hold not only physical functions but also emotional imprints.

The Entanglement Between Emotions & Organs.  

Emotions do not always leave our bodies, sometimes they remain when there is a traumatic event or an emotion that we cannot process.  Check out the emotions that correlate with certain organs:

Lungs: Grief 😔

Liver: anger 😡

Spleen: childhood trauma & devouring remorse 😩

Stomach: social stress 😥

Heart: joy 😃  

Gently releasing restrictions or tension within organs facilitates the body’s own ability to heal itself & release stuck emotions that disrupt healthy physical functions.   Imagine how much better you could feel overall if you could let go of the negative emotions that hang over you like a cloud 🌧️ & don’t let you reach your highest potential!

Sometimes, there are physiological issues that affect the healthy movement & function of organs. This, in turn, can produce pain referrals in different areas of the body, & pain referrals usually feel like muscle aches!  For instance, abdominal issues may manifest as back pain, while rib pain can come from tension in the lungs 🫁 .  Restoring proper mobility & motility to the organs can ease muscular aches, aid in posture correction, reduce autoimmune reactions, & much more.

Visceral manipulation endeavors to solve the puzzle 🧩 of how your emotions, organs, and nervous system 🧠 communicate & affect each other. Addressing the root causes provides longer-lasting relief, restores harmony between the physical & the emotional, & allows us to maintain mental balance.  

If you have been struggling to bridge the gap between feeling emotionally & physically well, give yourself the benefit of visceral manipulation.  Sessions only need to be done once every 3 weeks until symptoms you’d like to address have resolved.  


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